Meteora Heaven and Earth

Where heaven meets the earth

Meteora Heaven and Earth eco premium suites combines Earthly beauty with the Heavenly view of Meteora. It is located in Kastraki, a village amphitheatrically built in the western part of the “Holy Rocks”. Arriving at Meteora Heaven and Earth, guests encounter an impressive landscape full of ravines, plateaus and the eerie rocks of Meteora that seem to “touch the sky”.

Our suites are designed to offer a unique experience of hospitality and luxury in a high standard sustainable environment. In harmony with the local architecture, at first sight it gives the impression of a traditional building of the area. In the interior, the minimal philosophy prevails with modern touches in order to provide the guest the necessary for an experience of maximum relaxation and comfort.

Find your perfect room... the heart of Meteora

Our Environmental Commitment

Equipped with 100% natural sleep products, furniture, and the use of low energy consumption air conditioning, combined with energy efficient fireplaces, our suites an “ECO stay”.

Meteora Heaven and Earth