Meteora Heaven and Earth

The “ECO Heaven & Earth experience”

All our rooms are fully air-conditioned with low energy consumption systems. The temperature is set in a range of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius for maximum comfort and energy saving. In some of our suites there are energy fireplaces, in which we use briquettes for minimal carbon monoxide emissions. Hot water is mainly provided using solar panels and (when necessary) the assistance of low energy consumption boilers with ECO function.

Internally of the suites all walls, ceilings and some floors are mortar coating consisting of mixing natural stones in dry form based on Thyraic earth(lava) and hydro-lime friendly to the user and the environment. Based on the above your stay at Meteora Heaven & Earth, apart from being an experience of relaxation and comfort, can be characterized as a sophisticated ecological experience giving the guest the privilege during the stay, not to burden the environment with our daily activities.

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Meteora Heaven and Earth